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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Absolutely Favulous

See anything different about my blog? (Hint: it's on the address bar.)

I'm having fun with favicons lately. Blogger has a generator of its own, but it's easy to make a personal version for your website. Just visit this favicon generator and watch it create your tiny picture and the code to go with it. My own favicon, seen up close, looks like this:

It's a stylized plum blossom (ume), and it ties in with my love of things Japanese and the word 'kari,' which in the kanji for plum means 'pure.' Kari is my nickname, and I used to sign the the 'i' with a five-petaled flower (still do, now and then). I may change the design later on in favor of something with a letter K, but for now this will work charmingly.