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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finding It Everywhere

Chilly, chilly winds blowing

Lovely spring coming soon

I wear my body like a caravan

Gipsy rover in a magic land
Misty mountains where the eagles fly

Lonely valleys where the lost ones cry

I had a little letter full of paper

Inky scratches everywhere

Always looking, looking for a paradise island

Help me find it everywhere

The Incredible String Band, 'Ducks On A Pond'

Bleak and gray as the weather's been, I managed to snap a picture of the daffies in my yard whilst the sun was shining. It's hard for me to exercise patience at this time of year, but I take heart in knowing that the days will grow ever warmer, and this terrible winter will die at last.

I've been more active on Facebook lately, because it's a warm feeling to have friends. Although I'll always be a nomad in my heart, and the lyrics I've quoted above have many meanings for me, it's a pleasure to rein in at that Internet caravanserai.

The Kind Gods now has 211 downloads at Smashwords since I posted it a week ago, a response I never expected. I'm working at completing another short story, Everafter Acres, which I'll probably send off to e-zines for consideration because street cred counts, but the instant gratification of Smashwords was what I needed in this gray interval between ice and awakening.

Since its publication only a couple of months ago, The Ryel Saga has sold hundreds of Kindle copies, but so far has only a single Amazon review. I'm of course delighted with it because it's five stars and from the well-known critic Red Adept; I just wish it had more company!


Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cutting Diamonds

Short stories take lapidary patience, and I labor mightily to get the maximum glitter out of each little facet. My latest has gone through many versions, but I'm finally contented enough with the result to put it up on Smashwords, where it will be free to read. The story is The Kind Gods, and here is the blurb:

Did the old gods really die? A warrior seeks answers at the burial-mound of his greatest enemy.

The story has only been up since last night and already has 60 downloads, all of which are of versions not as good as the final cut, which bothers me. I don't want anything but my best to show. Fortunately, the cover is just the way I want it.


Monday, March 01, 2010

All Me, All Now

INTERVIEW: I'm now among the featured authors at Spad's Literary Potpourri, a delightful blog bringing its fortunate readers "an eclectic mix of art, articles, anecdotes, aphorisms, poetry and brief excerpts from a variety of sources related only by their excellence and timeless quality." Ron Skinner, aka Spad, asks the sorts of questions authors dream of answering, so if you ever wanted to know all about me, here's your chance. It's a tremendous compliment to be interviewed at such length, and so thought-provokingly. Spad is widely read and deeply reflective, and his blog is a daily array of treasures, absolutely free.

I've also redecorated my website, A Writing Life. Colors and format continue to be spare and restrained.