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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I've Got To Be Meme

     It isn't a normal Facebook day without at least a half-dozen memes adorning my news feed, usually of pets, babies, or well-known entities either cartoon or political being cutely off-color and/or insistently sentimental. Wishing to join in the fun, I've tried my hand at concocting my own with the help of my vast collection of images and that free PhotoScape software I can't praise enough. Here's one I made yesterday, inspired by childhood memories of gazing up in awe and hoping I too might someday shine:

And here's another, more colorful and with a dash of naughty:

     To pass Facebook censors I cropped the above picture to obscure the fact that the Tibetan god and his consort are locked in ecstatic yabyum, but everyone knows dang well what they're doing.
     More to come, very likely. Feel free to pass them around, and to click the Facebook button on the upper left of this page if you like.




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