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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hair-Tearing-Out Time

     I can't believe it's been this long since I last blogged. So far summer has kept me busy in far too many non-writing ways, but now that things have calmed I can give the work I love--or rather works, which are stacked up like planes over Heathrow just now--my full attention.
     I'll get around to discussing the reason for this post's title, but first I want to thank my new readers from these last couple of months, to whom I owe the acquisition of my new Acer netbook which I love so much I feel like carrying it around in a baby sling. Small, light, tough, perfect for bet I'm grateful.
     And now to the problem that inspired this post. I'm having a terrible time coming up with the right title for the third part of the Ryel Saga. The prequel (an almost complete first draft at present) already has a name--Starklander--and will be a stand-alone dealing with Guyon Desrenaud and his adventures in the North and in Almancar, predating the events touched on in the first two volumes. But Part Three will cover entirely new territory, bringing in the two Art-cities of Elecambron and Tesba, hitherto only mentioned in passing--the bleak citadel of ice and the lush paradise of the senses, where Ryel Mirai and his erstwhile enemy Michael Essern seek a solution to the dilemma that concludes Lord Brother. Michael's brother Yvain Essern, the Count Palatine of Roskerrek, will also figure in the story, as will Riana the One Immortal, along with other characters from the first books and new key players. So I need a title that will suggest both deep divisons and close alliances at work in a world where magic runs both deadly cold and ardently hot. I love a challenge, but this one's tasking me. 
     My urban fantasy Queen of Time has been pulled from publication while it undergoes revisions, which should be complete early next month. Although I'm not exactly new to the game I've taken to heart the expert advice to novice writers by con acquaintance David Brin, and am re-starting the action in medias res where it should be. Anyone wishing a PDF of the new version to replace the old need only e-mail me once it's ready, which I'll announce here.
     Lots more to work on after that, but my next post will deal not with what I'm writing, but those influences that make my writing what it is.




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